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1964 arrived with
 the new president
moving forward,
and vowing to get to
the bottom of JFK's assassination.

The widowed, former first lady had moved forward as well. 
 Despite President Johnson's offer that she and her children stay in the White House through (what would've been) the end of  JFK's term, she opted to vacant the presidential home in December and move into a home in Georgetown which had been loaned to her by Under Secretary of State Averell Harriman.

On January 17, 1964 Mrs. Kennedy sat for newsreel cameras to film a message of thanks to the nation.  It was shown in movie theaters prior to the feature attraction.  To watch the clip - click on this link:

Several of the stars from the 1963
Caravan of Stars tour
were forging ahead as well:

DALE & GRACE were riding high with their follow-up to their #1, million seller, "I'm Leaving It All Up To You." 
The glaringly similar, "Stop - And Think It Over," peaked at #8 in January of 1964.

TO LISTEN TO "STOP  - AND THINK IT OVER" click this link:

JIMMY CLANTON, appeared on Clark's American Bandstand program January 18, 1964; performing his latest release, "Red Don't Go With Blue."

LINDA SCOTT appeared on American Bandstand
February 1, 1964 performing her latest release - a Hal David and Burt Bacharach composition called, "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?"

BOBBY VEE was touring the UK with Dusty Springfield, The Searchers, and Big Dee Irwin in early '64.

THE TYMES were watching their latest release, "Somewhere," rise up the charts and peak at #19 in January '64.

TO LISTEN TO "SOMEWHERE" click this link:

LITTLE EVA stayed behind while Big Dee Irwin toured the UK with Bobby Vee. 
She'd recorded, "Swingin' On A Star" with Irwin (although she was uncredited) in '63, and it hit #38 midway through the year in the U.S., and rose to #7 on the UK charts in January '64.

** (Author's opinion) It's a delightful, playful version of this old standard - I encourage you to take a listen.

TO LISTEN TO "SWINGIN' ON A STAR" click this link:

THE DOVELLS enjoyed their second top ten hit in '63 with, "You Can't Sit Down," but the stress of constant touring came to a head in December during a show in Miami when lead singer Len Barry decided to leave the group and pursue a solo career.
The Dovells were now a trio.

TO LISTEN TO "YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN" click this link:

The final '63 release for The Essex, "She's Got Everything," (the first of their singles credited to The Essex featuring Anita Humes) stalled at #56.
The fact that all the members of the group were enlisted Marines hindered their ability to tour and promote their records.


Phil Spector released The Ronettes' follow up to "Be My Baby" in November, 1963. 
 "Baby I Love You" only managed to hit #24 on the U.S. Billboard charts, but rose to #11 in the UK in January, 1964.

TO LISTEN TO "BABY I LOVE YOU" click this link:

Due to their immense UK popularity, The Ronettes launched out on a tour of England in January of '64.  Their opening act was a motley group of young Brits called The Rolling Stones.

While on this tour, The Ronettes would be introduced to the hottest group of rock & roll musicians in all of England.

They would

Ominous storm clouds were gathering, but most in
the American recording industry were too busy to notice.

Soon it would be too late . .

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