Friday, November 2, 2012


"It was so exciting. On the plane, flying into the airport, I felt as though there was a big octopus with tentacles that were grabbing the plane and dragging us down into New York. America was the best. It was a dream, coming from Liverpool."
                         Ringo Starr


"There were millions of kids at the airport, which nobody had expected. We heard about it in mid-air. There were journalists on the plane, and the pilot had rang ahead and said, 'Tell the boys there's a big crowd waiting for them.' We thought, 'Wow! God, we have really made it.'"
                       Paul McCartney

What McCartney had been told was true.  Thousands of young fans were standing by - waiting for their plane to touch down.

Neil Aspinall, friend and assistant to The Beatles who traveled with them on this trip, provides an explanation for the amazing turn out:

"It has since been reported that their American record company had promised that every person who turned up at the airport would be given a dollar bill and a t-shirt. What really happened was that the receptionists at Capitol Records would answer the phone, 'Capitol Records - The Beatles are coming.' There was a lot of mention on the radio, too: 'The Beatles are coming!' It was the people handling the Beatles merchandise at the time who were offering the free t-shirt. I had no idea about that at the time, and it was nothing to do with the record company."
                      NEIL ASPINALL

The Beatles are coming . .

They're almost here . .

It won't be long now . .

The Beatles are on American soil . .

And things will never be the same . . .

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