Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Well, once again circumstances have caused  
me to alter the circuitous route I've been 
taking with my laborious examination of the 
1963 Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars tour.

The last time was the death of Annette Funicello 
(see my tribute post, 'Remembering Annette')
but this time it's a much happier occasion,
 and one that actually plays right into the 
'63 Caravan of Stars story.

Today is the birthday of the '63 tour's headliner

B O B B Y   V E E

Bobby Vee came to the 1963 Caravan of Stars tour with an 

impressive list of hit records


Bobby Vee's career had been launched by tragedy in February, 1959

Following the crash of the small plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and 
The Big Bopper;

As the Winter Dance Party tour soldiered on through the Midwest; Bobby Vee & The Shadows were pressed into service as a replacement band.

Within a few months their first record, 'Suzie Baby,' became 
a regional hit, and a recording contract with Liberty Records 
would soon follow.  

After a few poorly charting singles the hits began to flow . .

 'Devil Or Angel' 
rose to #6 in August of 1960
 To listen to 'Devil Or Angel' click here:  

'Rubber Ball' 
(written by Gene Pitney)
also topped out at #6 in 
December of 1960 

To listen to 'Rubber Ball' click here:

'Take Good Care Of My Baby'
(written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King)
hit the magic #1 spot in August of 1961

To listen to 'Take Good Care Of My Baby' click here:

'Run To Him'
peaked at #2 in November, 1961

To listen to 'Run To Him' click here:

'The Night Has A Thousand Eyes'
hit #3 in early 1963

To listen to 'The Night Has A Thousand Eyes' click here:

Along with this amazing chain of 
Top Ten, Gold records - Bobby Vee had a number
 of Top 20 & Top 40 hits along the way:

"Stayin' In"
(written by John D. Loudermilk)
charted at #33 in 1961

To listen to "Stayin' In" click here:

'Please Don't Ask About Barbara'
charted at #15 in 1962

To listen to 'Please Don't Ask About Barbara' click here:
**(This clip includes an interesting interview with Bobby Vee in which he tells a story about Dick Clark & bad timing!)

'Sharing You'
also charted at #15 in 1962

To listen to 'Sharing You' click here:

'Punish Her'
charted at #20 in 1962

To listen to 'Punish Her' click here:

charted at #13 in 1963

To listen to 'Charms' click here:

'Be True To Yourself''
charted at #34 in 1963

To listen to 'Be True To Yourself'' click here:

With this incredible string of hits it's no wonder Dick Clark 
signed Bobby Vee on as headliner for the 1963 tour.

The Caravan of Stars tour wrapped up before Christmas of '63, 
and on December 28th Bobby married Karen Bergen.

If that weren't change enough - about five 
weeks later The Beatles would arrive
and everything would change.

   More about that later . .

Here's the good news:

Bobby Vee is 70 today!

Bobby & Karen are still married!


Here's Bobby & his family in 2011

With his grandkids on his birthday last year (2012)

Now, the more difficult news

One year ago today Bobby Vee made this announcement on his website:


His wife, Karen, has had a lung transplant, and according to the last update posted on his website (April 1, 2013) she was hoping to return home soon.

 I've never met Bobby Vee, but like millions of other fans around the world; I've always enjoyed his music.

Not only do I want to wish Bobby Vee a Happy Birthday, but I also want to assure him and his wife, Karen, that I'm praying for them, and I've placed their names on the prayer list at church.  

May the Lord's hand of comfort, peace and healing be upon the two of you . .


  1. Beautiful tribute and memories of a fine singer.

    Happy birthday!


  2. what a wonder tribute to him! i have program books from two of the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars shows from 1962 & 1963 signed by Bobby!
    Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you for commenting. The signed programs you have are true treasures! ken

  3. That was a lovely Tribute to Bobby,I have met Bobby and his lovely wife Karen and family,quite a few times in the UK,and did a Caribbean 50-60's Cruise,which Bobby was part of. I have some great memories!!

    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!

  4. Great Stuff, and fun as well. You say you never met Bob, I played in his band during the late 70s and what you see is what you get. Just a super guy without one shred of diva in him. A down to earth guy who you'd like to hang around with. Thanks for the memories Bob.

    1. Randy, thank you for reading and sharing your memories . .

  5. Bobby Vee I've loved your songs since I can remember congrats. on you success on and of the stage I wish Elvis could've been as blessed as you with a wife -children and grandchildren and still around to enjoy them, God bless you